September 23rd, 2022

Celebrating a new partnership

West Sussex Alternative Provision College (WSAPC) and Olive Academies Trust are thrilled to announce that they have entered into a one-year partnership. This is an exciting development, which sees two strong organisations sharing expertise and experience to benefit students and staff alike. The partnership provides a fantastic opportunity to focus on leadership development and the quality of education provision across both organisations, with a view to identifying, refining and embedding best practice across their academies.

Both organisations are keen for the partnership to lead to WSAPC converting to become part of Olive Academies Trust by the end of the one-year agreement, which is a really positive prospect.

This partnership marks an important milestone as they all focus on the much-needed reform within alternative provision and SEND. By working together they are in a better position to support the national schools agenda and further improve outcomes for the children and young people they support.

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Tags: schools, Worthing

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