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May 10th, 2022

The coat of hopes is coming to Worthing!

Free public event on Monday 16th May 6.30pm to 8pm at Coast Café BN11 2FG.
All welcome to come and hear the story of the beautiful coat.

Barbara Keal, the artist behind the coat of hopes says:
'The ‘coat of hopes’ is a patchwork coat made by hundreds of people and worn by hundreds of people on a 900km walk/pilgrimage from Newhaven to COP26 the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow. Each patch is a piece of blanket into which has been sewn the griefs, remembrances, prayers and hopes of an individual or group for their local landscape in the face of climate breakdown. The coat is accompanied by a song which is traditionally sung whenever a new person puts it on. When the coat is put on it invites the wearer to feel its weight and warmth and to step briefly into being the protagonist in the climate breakdown story, it may also invite the wearer to speak their own griefs, remembrances, prayers or hopes for their own local area.'

Email: emmacameron333@gmail.com

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April 9th, 2022

Council goes to High Court to fight development

Worthing Borough Council has gone to the High Court in its fight to prevent hundreds of homes being built at Chatsmore Farm.
The Council has submitted its legal challenge to the Planning Inspectorate’s decision that the green gap between Goring and Ferring can be built on.
This first step in the process involves the Council asking the High Court for permission to take its case to the court for a judicial review. That review would be heard by a High Court judge and could result in the Planning Inspectorate being told to scrap its original decision and consider the case again.

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March 23rd, 2022

Council to go to High Court to support community fight against green gap housing

Worthing Borough Council is leading the community fight to save Goring Gap by taking the case to the High Court.

The Council has instructed a barrister to develop a legal challenge to the Planning Inspectorate’s decision to allow hundreds of homes to be built at Chatsmore Farm.

Councillors had rejected a planning application by the developer Persimmon for permission to build 475 homes on the land between the borders of Ferring and Goring.

They agreed that the area was an important green gap and that development would adversely affect the setting of the South Downs National Park and add to traffic congestion.

But despite a government-appointed planning inspector clearly indicating to the Council that it was right to protect the space from development in its Local Plan for the area, a different inspector overturned the Council’s decision on appeal and said the homes could be built.

Members of the community are meeting at Chatsmore Farm at 3pm on Friday (25 March) to show their unity against the planned development.

Cllr Kevin Jenkins, the Leader of Worthing Borough Council, has written to Housing Secretary Michael Gove calling for the Government to step in and block the development.

He said: “It cannot be right that one planning inspector can simply ignore the evidence and decision of another.

“Chatsmore Farm is a vital green lung for Worthing and no one here - not the Council, not the opposition, not local residents - wants to see it built upon.

“We will not stand by and allow our few remaining green gaps to be concreted over in a dash to meet arbitrary, unsustainable housing targets imposed on us by Whitehall.

“I hope people will join me with Sir Peter Bottomley at 3pm on Friday at Chatsmore Farm to show our opposition to this decision.”

Raising the issue in the House of Commons, Worthing West MP Sir Peter Bottomley said developer Persimmon was “greedily trying to fill in the strategic green gap”.

Calling for the Prime Minister to review the case, Sir Peter said the appeal ruling “ran roughshod” over the responsibilities of councils to make planning decisions.

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March 23rd, 2022


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