January 26th, 2021

Exhibition of lockdown art by young people in Adur & Worthing comes to Colonnade House

Over lockdown Apron supplied packs of free art resources to young people in Adur and Worthing, inviting them to make their mark on this moment in history.
An exhibition of the work was due to take place at Colonnade House but further lockdown measures have delayed this. So instead, Apron are displaying large scale prints of some of the works, alongside donated artworks, to share with passers by in the windows.

Our World in Our Words, is an art-based voice and identity platform for young people to voice their thoughts about the world during this time. Starting in Sussex, the project aims to reach cities across the country, to create a space for others to join and do the same.

Inspired by images of protest placards made by young people, Lis Long of Apron, who created the project, wanted to give a diverse group of under-represented young people a creative outlet to express where they are in the midst of all that is happening in their world right now.  Each pack came with a simple call to action to young people: to use word art to make their mark on this moment in history. The work could be about anything on their minds – Black Lives Matter, climate change, gender, politics, education – and could be in any style from typography to graffiti. 

This exhibition shows the resulting artworks alongside donated work by local artists and designers. Working with YMCA Downslink, The Girls Network and local organisations, Apron sought to give voice to underrepresented and diverse groups of 13-25 year olds across the community.

Apron are inviting young people to get involved in the project and upload their work, in the hope that the exhibition will take place again in the near future.

The work will be viewable through the windows of Colonnade House from the 2nd - 28th February 2021.

To find out more visit www.ourworldinourwords.org

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