September 20th, 2022

A minute of your time could shape the future of Worthing

Residents and visitors to Worthing are being urged to have their say online about how they want the borough to be improved - by giving just one minute of their time.

Worthing Borough Council launched The Big Listen as part of a new approach to strengthen relationships with the community and listen to and work with residents on the issues they care most about.

The Big Listen team has talked to residents at length at public events over the past two months, in parks, by the roadside and even on the beach.

Now the Council has taken the new approach online so that everyone in the community can have their say whenever they want, in as little as 60 seconds, by visiting

All people need to do is click on the “Join the conversation” section and then the purple area marked “Have your say”. They can then go to the map, point to whichever part of the borough they want to talk about and list what they like or dislike, along with any ideas on how the area could be improved.

Cllr Carl Walker, the Deputy Leader of the Council, said: “The Big Listen has already proved invaluable in helping us start to find out what the community is thinking and feeling - but this is only the beginning.

“Putting the system online means that everyone can have their say whenever they want to, rather than having to go to one of the events that we are at. People can tell us how they feel and what they want to change without even leaving their homes.

“The more people who can give us just a few minutes of their time, the more we can understand how we can help make Worthing even better for everyone.”

During conversations with The Big Listen team, residents have described a wide range of improvements in Worthing that they would like to see.

Among the most common themes discussed so far have been the need for more investment in Worthing’s parks and green spaces, more places for young people and better sustainable travel infrastructure.

The Council will now develop more in-depth surveys to find out what the community wants to see developed by 2030 - and how the Council and the community can work together to achieve this.

The Council is working with Commonplace - an online organisation that specialises in increasing community engagement - to collect and easily analyse people’s responses.

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